8 Crucial Questions to Ask Yourself When Hiring PSD to HTML Services

While searching for PSD to HTML services, you will come across lots of options. This makes the task of hiring even more complicated. But you need to make your way out to find the right talent you need. If you take it on a lighter note, you will end up hiring an HTML conversion service that’s not accountable for its actions. Want to save yourself from that bad fate?

There are several ways out and some of the good ones are listed below. Let’s help you out with the points that you should ponder before hiring a Photoshop to HTML service:

Do They Provide Cross-Browser Compatibility?

A website has to perform well on multiple browsers. Your customers will open it on Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and various others. So, make sure that PSD to HTML conversion is done keeping cross-browser compatibility in the mind. Your HTML conversion service provider must ensure that after conversions, the code must perform well on all cross-platform browsers.

Do They Offer Quality Code?

Bad codes could ruin your name online. It’s a serious blow to your reputation when your HTML code fails to work fine online. So, you need an HTML conversion specialist that uses a quality code during conversions. It should be clean, bug-free, tableless and structured in a way that’s acceptable by the W3C community. You should ensure that PSD to HTML services you are going to hire are skilled enough to do this stuff professionally.

Do They Incorporate SEO Semantic Code?

Is your HTML service provider good at using SEO semantic coding during PSD to HTML conversions? Aren’t aware of its benefits? You should look into the benefits that come along and must encourage your HTML service provider to make use it. This will set the tone of your website for making a massive organic reach.

Do They Have a Skilled Workforce?

The PSD to HTML service provider you are thinking to hire must have skilled HTML developers in the team. This is because, at the end of the day, developers will deliver the work. So, knowing their proficiency level in HTML conversion could save your day. After all, no one likes to have last time surprises with codes filled with lots of bugs. Inquire from the service provider that they have skilled workforce to accomplish great results or not.

Do They Process Online Order Form?

In a rush to complete HTML conversions, service providers often forget to deliver online forms. But that’s a basic and crucial need for grabbing online leads. Your potential visitors won’t be able to reach out you if there’s no form available online. You will miss out sale-making opportunities. So, make sure that you inquire about whether or not they will deliver you the forms.

Do They Offer a Quick Turnaround Time?

You should be wary of the time of delivery at the start of the project. A professional developer wouldn’t take several weeks doing conversions for a basic website with a few pages. You should clearly ask for the timelines for completing HTML conversions to keep things clear at the front. Look for a PSD to HTML expert with a fast turnaround time. This will help you out in accomplishing tasks at a faster pace.

Do They Offer Free Additional Support?

Apart from the quality conversion work, a client may need support at any time of the day. Having updates about your project keeps things easier. At least, you should know where your project progress is heading. If your working hours are conflicting due to time zone differences, then also the service provider should arrange for communication.

Do They Have an Established Portfolio?

Before hiring up an HTML development company, check what their portfolio speaks about them. Is it good enough to handle your HTML conversion work? What’s their recent work? What do their clients say about them? You need to check what their technical abilities are and what they can accomplish. Their portfolio speaks everything about it.

The Final Takeaway

Finding a company that excels in PSD to HTML services isn’t an icing on the cake that you can have it hassle-free any time you like. In reality, it’s a daunting task that needs a lot of research! Ask these questions to yourself before you hire an HTML conversion specialist that could handle your PSD to HTML conversion tasks efficiently. You will surely make a hassle-free hire skilled enough to handle your projects.