7 Photoshop Tips for Faster and Efficient Photoshop to HTML Conversions

Struggling with efficient Photoshop to HTML conversions? In fact, you are not alone! PSD to HTML conversions involve lots of complexities. If you are new to the industry, landing into troubles is quite obvious. At each step of conversion, clouds of doubts haunt the minds of designers. However, if you seek an expert PSD to HTML conversion service provider, you could make an escape from the issues that people often struggle with.

Here are some viable tips to help you in HTML conversions from Photoshop documents. Let’s help you with pro tips to address the troubles you often face during PSD to HTML development:

Leave Layers Intact in PSD Files

You might often see designers merging all the layers in Adobe Photoshop. Their idea to merge layers is noble – to keep the file size smaller! But this isn’t a good practice. It might work fine for print design but for Photoshop to HTML conversion, you need to have all layers intact. All elements of Photoshop designs such as graphics, texts, etc must be kept in layers to support the development part efficiently. Keeping all layers intact preserves all the information required for conversion in its best possible form to see better results.

Organize PSD Files for Efficient Conversions

Do you organize your PSD file structures? Well, if you don’t, you are losing out a serious thing which is giving a huge blow to the conversion process. A nicely arranged PSD file saves the conversion specialist’s time. Eventually, it helps produce conversions in a quick span of time. Spending time on finding particular text layer from a merged layer is time-consuming. This triggers the production cost. If you want to produce the things at a relatively lower cost, you need to organize your files in a way that supports your production functions.

Maintain Consistency in Your Design

Define the appearance of your design elements and keep it consistent in all the layouts on your website. Use a standard border-radius, padding and height of all the buttons in footer and boxes and maintain it across the website for the professional look and feel. If you add exceptions to it, it will eventually add additional HTML codes that will trigger up the conversion time.

Place All The Elements on Design Grid

If you are not using out the design grid to its best, you are not doing justice to your PSD to HTML conversion. Use this feature to determine the placement of items and for improving the website’s aesthetic appeal. Keep every design element within the grid as placing them off the grid would eventually increase the time for PSD to HTML conversion.

Keep Content Flexibility in Your Mind

While designing PSD, make sure you leave a room for adding more texts in the future. But in most cases, designers don’t leave enough space to add new text, for instance, on images and graphic elements. In some case, it might work but in most cases, it won’t. If the need for adding more text arises, it would add more complications to HTML conversions when the design changes. Make sure you put it right at the first attempt.

Provide Hands-Off Materials with No Discrepancies

An utmost care must be taken while transferring hands-off documents to the HTML conversion specialist. There should be no discrepancies while you hand over your PSD documents for PSD to HTML conversion. Be it the font size, font families or font colors, design elements should be put up in the right way.

Don’t Use Blending Modes

Are you using blending modes in your Photoshop designs? If you don’t stop this practice, the PSD to HTML conversions will become even more complicated. Though blending modes produce nice effects but aren’t recommended. This is because they are quite difficult to recreate in CSS. Try not to use Blending modes as they don’t support efficient PSD to HTML conversions.

The Final Takeaway

If you really want to facilitate the process of Photoshop to HTML conversions, then keep these helpful tips in your notes. Making efficient PSD to HTML conversions is in your hands and your contribution matters at every step. Just stick to these tips mentioned and experience faster and efficient conversions from PSD to HTML. However, having a professional Photoshop design to HTML conversion specialist could make the process even more flawless and error-free for you. So, don’t forget to hire a one!