Learn to Convert PSD to WordPress in 5 Simple Steps

Attempting to convert PSD to WordPress but have no idea about how to proceed? Things are complicated as far as the WP conversions are concerned. To be honest, this is a professional’s stuff but it doesn’t harm to give it a try. At least, you would learn a thing or two from the process. Also, while trying out new things, you will get a drift of the complexities involved in the process.

Starting out with the slicing part, the PSD to WP conversion involves a variety of steps. Learn the process of Photoshop design to WordPress conversion in simple steps. Let’s get started:

Slice The PSD File in the Manner You Want

The first step to convert PSD to WordPress involves slicing. If done right, slicing could shorten the loading time of your website. So, you could imagine how crucial it is for your PSD to WP conversions. Even a pixel’s mistake could ruin your whole design. Slice out the different elements of design, starting from header to footer and everything that comes in between. You need to open your Adobe Photoshop to carry out the slicing part. Divide the images into several parts and save each part with a unique name and into a separate file.

Create HTML/CSS Files

This phase involves programming. Begin by creating an HTML file and saving it. Now, you need to assemble the parts which are sliced in the previous step. Make sure that you make the best use of DIV functions to accomplish this task. DIV functions help to overlap and align elements wherever needed. Using them while creating HTML/CSS gives you leverage to present design elements in a better way. A majority of times, it happens that your HTML part doesn’t match exactly with your PSD design. But there’s nothing to be worried about. With a few code modifications in CSS, you will have a fine conversion.

Convert HTML File Into PHP

After getting done with HTML and CSS part, the process for PSD to WordPress begins. Just open up your HTML file and define the structure of your WP theme. Now, it’s time to distribute the code to other WP files. To do this, you need to put your all design elements in the HTML file and then break it as per your needs. Copy the code from the HTML files and put those into WP files in .PHP extension. You could do this work using an editor. But make sure that you keep the names of the files as they are. For instance, the name of footer file will remain footer.php; just include the footer code in it from the HTML file.

Convert PHP Files to WordPress Theme

The next step involves converting PHP files into a WP theme. Adding some WP tags in your PHP files is also helpful. If you don’t know how to do this, you could take help from the online documentation available in WordPress. WP is documented very well and it helps to get any stuff done. Once you get done with this step, decide the name of your WP theme and create a folder using that name. It’s time to save all the files into this folder that you have created. Now, upload this whole folder to /wp-content/themes. You can verify if this folder is there by navigating to WordPress dashboard.

Additional Enhancements (If You Want Any)

Still not satisfied with the PSD to WordPress you have just made? You can add more features and functionalities to it to enhance your user experience further. For instance, you can make use of a 404.php file to avoid displeasing your customers when they try to access a URL which is not available on your website. If you want to further improve your user experience, you need to get PSD to HTML conversions done by professionals. You won’t have even a single flaw in your website that turns off the mood of your customers.

The Final Takeaway

By now, you might have got a fair idea of the process to convert PSD to WordPress. The information has been put up here in a succinct way to give you a glimpse of the Photoshop to WP conversion process. It’s easy to walk through when you have snapshots of the process of PSD to WP conversions. However, leaving the task of Photoshop designs to WP conversions on to the shoulders of professionals is the best thing you could do. They are the best persons to accomplish WP conversions from PSD in a hassle-free way.